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Thinking Free: To Think & Do Correctly is the Highest Achievement of Human Purpose

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Pastor Paul H. Musson MD

A Servant of Truth


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My Practice

In the Healing Arts, I have three platforms:

Internal Medicine - Adult Medical Care

Addiction Medicine - Free Life Care

Eternal Medicine - Pastoral Spiritual Care

My Path

 My grandfather was a Man of Words, Poet Laureate in Bermuda, the island of my birth. My Father was an Electrician

Me? I am a Thinker! ... who became a Physician, most interested in ... the Electrical part of the Body that Makes Words ... “The Brain” ... a fitting tribute to my father's and grandfather's vocations. 

Therein, as a Healer, seeing the wholistic needs of many people with "Broken Brains" (like my own as a youth) ... I became a Pastor! Thus, my Path to Truth, that has made me Free

In Helping Others - I Receive Healing!

My Purpose

I was born to learn and to want to pass on knowledge ... to Teach! Facts & Information have always been interesting to me. As a child, books were my blankets, covering me wherever I’d fall asleep after reading one book after another. Dictionaries, encyclopedias, atlases, picture books, stories! I was a nerd and proud of it! The human brain, unlike the brain of any other living creature, exists to master words! By the Miracle of Words (DNA) we are made flesh, to make words (Brain, Speech, etc.). We are what we think, within the limitations and potentials of our DNA! Words! They are the real you! Love them! Enjoy them! They will serve you well! 


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Spiritual-Religious Topics:

What is Reality? What is Truth?

Does God Exist? If God is Good why is there Evil

What's the difference between Religion and Spirituality?

Why are there so many Religions

All Religions can contain principles that are True, but ...

can more than one Religion be True?

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